1.Regional sales manager
For requirements:
1 normal * * * above, the best communication major.
2. Good public relations capacity, and can according to the change of situation, and it can provide the corresponding strategy.
3. Has communication industry marketing experience, the public security system sales working experience, and in the industry have a certain customer resources is preferred.
4. Has the keen market insight, the development of this industry have a profound understanding of.

5. A strong market judgment ability and the development ability, a strong market sales experience and market sense of smell.
6. Have engineering degree, had better have communication industry background.
7. Well-behaved, has strong JingYeXin, have strong communication skills.

Job duties:
1. Develop maintain customer relationship, expand cooperation customer base, establish a rational benign development of sales network.
2. Responsible for acquisition information industry, this paper analyzes market operation environment for the company business promotion proposal.
3. Guide project sales and execution progress, processing all kinds of market problems.
4. Collect and analyze the market sales and competitive environment information, customer analysis, development, establish good relationships with customers and customer files.
5. And customer communication, negotiation, achieve sales work.

2.Software and hardware engineer
Responsibility requirements:
A, communication, computer, electronic and other related major, bachelor degree or above. 2 years of development experience, can the independent reading English relevant information, A wireless communication field work background.
Second, familiar with C/C + +, or Java.
Three, familiar with Linux system, such as win2000server operation system, network communication have deeper understanding.
Four, understand mysql, SQLserver relational database, etc.

Five, the embedded development have a certain understanding, familiar with single-chip microcomputer, ARM architecture, such as the development of the product.
Six, VoIP or large project development experience is preferred.
Seven, good problem solving and logic analysis ability; Good team work and communication skills; Honest, work steadfast Ken dry, with study and team cooperation spirit, character, cheerful, optimistic upward.

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